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产品编号: glow in the dark gravel
在黑暗中发光,在黑暗中自发光l各种发光颜色:黄绿色,蓝绿色和天蓝色等.l白色,黄色,绿色,蓝色,粉红色等美妙的白天时间颜色。 - 时间:超过8小时l升级促销GIF
Photoluminescent cobblestone (glazed, flate pebble shape)  
l Glowing in the dark & self-luminous in the dark
l Various Glowing colors: yellow-green, blue-green and sky-blue etc.
l Wonderful day time color of white, yellow, green, blue, pink etc. 
l Super long after-glow time: more than 8 hrs
l For promotion gift Packing: Different header card or FOY bag or customized
l Non-toxic, harmless, Free-radioactivity.
l With European EN71 & REACH certificate approval
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Mainly selling points:  wonderful shape, glowing color and day time color
Main Specification
full name  Glazed based glow in the dark cobblestone
Application    Ganden decoration, pathway decoration, dress shop decoration 
l Rockery, Flowerpot, potted landscape,
l Aquarium, fishbowl, fish jar decoration
l Pool flooring, wall decoration, ceiling park decoration etc.
Popular size The glazed based cobblestone have irregular size,but they all in pebble shape, the weight is about 5g/pebble to 10g/pebble, about 100 to 200bebbles each Kilo
Day time color light green, pink, yellow,blue etc. (natural white have best luminance)
Available glow color yellow-green, bue-green, sky-blue 
Luminance testing DIN67510 Part one
Test period value  initial  5minutes 10minutes 60minutes
luminance mcd/m3 2500 280 120 12
Afterglow time More than 1000mintes
Packing: 15kg-30kg/carton
The EXW Price (USD)